Keeping the Sabbath a Priority

Inspired by Blessed Earth’s October 2010 newsletter focus on the Sabbath, Stasia Fine wrote to Nancy and shared her own Sabbath story:

When I was in high school, my crush’s mother challenged me to practice the Sabbath for the rest of the school year.  I am so glad she did:  the school year passed and I am still treasuring this gift!

That year in high school, there was one weekend when I didn’t get my homework completed on Saturday.  I tried my hardest but just couldn’t get it done.  So, I knew that if I rested on Sunday I would be going into class without my finished assignment. The assignment just happened to be for the toughest teacher in the school who did not accept late work (even if you were dead!). But, I had made a commitment – so I didn’t work on Sunday.

Monday came and I headed to class, not sure how the teacher would respond, but confident that I had fulfilled my commitment to God and my friend’s mother. The teacher started the class in a surprising way:  she commented on her weekend and then told us that she would extend the deadline on our assignment.  My homework was no longer due on Monday; I had two more days to work on it!

Over and over again, since that time I have discovered that when I honor the gift of the Sabbath, God honors my commitments and obligations for the rest of the week.  Celebrating the Sabbath has also helped me to keep my priorities in order – recognizing the value
Parajumpers Kodiak Jakke of relationships – and has also put things into perspective:   is not finishing that work assignment really going to ruin my life?

I am grateful to Blessed Earth for championing the gift of the Sabbath and look forward to reading more on the 24/6 life!

Rev. Stasia Fine is an associate with the Clapham Group, a Christian consulting firm located in Burke, VA.