Action through Art


Last May, Dr. Sleeth and his daughter Emma gave two chapel talks at Biola College, just outside of Los Angeles. Here’s a letter we just received from one of the students. Glad to know that our words, given by the Holy Spirit, affect young people’s lives, with such beautiful results:

Hi Dr. Sleeth,

I am a student at Biola University majoring in the fine arts. I heard you speak at one of our morning chapels in the spring, and I loved what you had to say as it relates to nature (particularly trees) and biblical history. It really inspired me and was the genesis of a major drawing I undertook as a final project in my spring classes.

Earlier in the spring, I read a passage from Irenaeus, “On the Apostolic Preaching,” where he explains how sin came into the world through a tree, and also how sin was undone by a tree (the cross). This train of thought led me to bring this idea to life in a single picture, looking beyond Christ’s “undoing” of sin and investigating how the tree integrates into our lives today.

What I found was Revelation 22:2, which states, “On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” I showed this in my drawing by having a man sitting under the healing shade of the same tree that Adam sins by and that Christ hangs from.

It seems your talks, DVDs, and mindset in life are so united with this idea of man and trees through history. My kingdom desire is to have my work be used by the Lord for his glory. I’m not totally sure how to best do that as yet, but I know God will show me the best way in his timing.

Thanks for all you’re doing in the arena of faith and the environment!

Jason Leith,
Art major, Biola University

Image above: Drawing by Jason Leith, “Redemptive History.”