Your Story: Reflection on ‘Hope for Creation’


Our family participated in Blessed Earth’s Hope for Creation simulcast in April. We were thrilled to have access to such an exciting opportunity — all the way in Central America. And who would have thought that Blessed Earth could place a “dot” on the map for Costa Rica!?

We enjoyed the worship music with Northland Church. Then, after viewing the beautiful film and listening to Dr. Sleeth speak, we took time to pray together as a family and asked the children to name one thing they could do more to serve God by going “green.” The kids sat on the floor and thought for a few minutes. Our youngest son said he wanted to help animals in a direct way. He wants to begin to feed the birds on a regular basis and says he wants to also begin a charity program for ocean animals! Now, that’s a challenge. Our oldest daughter, who is 12 years old, wants to eliminate disposable water bottles from our home. I am proud of my children!

I agreed to get recycling bins to continue to recycle. It’s much better to organize them than having a pile of bags in our garage! I also want to figure out a good place to start composting. I hope to start a veggie garden but don’t currently have the space. My husband, Steve, promised that he would help our daughter find the right glasses for us to have to drink water instead of using bottled water.

We saw the fruits of the simulcast continue the next day with our daughter. That morning at school she had to write a persuasive essay, so she chose to write about serving the Earth. For us, this means the seed is planted in her heart and it’s up to us to continue to encourage her and work together as a family.

Even though we started our creation care journey a few years ago, we feel that the Lord is teaching and encouraging us more as time goes on. It’s a discipling process and a lifestyle we have chosen. With the help of the Lord we can continue taking small steps forward everyday.

Thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Sleeth, for your leadership and encouragement. May the Lord continue to bless, guide, and use you.

By Karoline Gober

Karoline P. Gober, and her husband Steve, reside with their three children in Heredia, Costa Rica.