About Blessed Earth



From the beginning, God was very pleased with creation and called it “good.” God created humans to take care of that good creation. Over and over throughout scripture, our role as stewards is clear. In creating us in his image, God gave us a great privilege, and a great responsibility. Why care? Because God’s Word calls us to care.


The Blessed Earth Story

Matthew Sleeth was an ER doctor and chief of staff at a New England hospital when his wife, Nancy, asked him a life changing question:  “What’s the biggest problem facing the world?”  After thinking for a while, he replied, “The earth is dying.”  Nancy’s second question was harder to answer, “If the earth is dying, what are we going to do about it?”

Leading by example, Matthew left his medical career and moved with his family to a house the size of their old garage, reducing their energy usage by more than two-thirds and cutting back their trash production by nine-tenths.  Recognized as national Christian leaders, the Sleeths started the educational nonprofit Blessed Earth to “serve God and help save the planet.”

Since 2008, Blessed Earth has been invited by more than 1,000 church, educational, media, and environmental groups to share the biblical call to care for God’s creation. Explore the Blessed Earth website to learn more about creation care books and films, download practical tools, sign up for the monthly e-newsletter, and share inspiring stories.